Entry #1

...Good mornning Starshine, the Earth says "Hello"

2010-09-01 13:16:07 by kyowell

Hello there, my name is Kara and I am new to Newgrounds. I came to Newgrounds to share my artwork. Please take a look and feel free to give me some useful feedback.
Thanks for stopping by!


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2010-09-01 16:53:46

Hey Kara welcome to newgrounds! I was checking out your art and it looks amazing! I myself am actually getting into some pieces with watercolor pencils (something I haven't tried before). Nice to see what is possible with using them. Did you actually draw the girl with the red lipstick on MS paint? that's very intense!

kyowell responds:

Hello! Thank you very much for the compliment.
Not very many people have tried watercolor pencils so kudos to you for trying something you've never tried before. :) I heard about them from a friend and thought i'd give them a try and absolutely LOVE them!!! I find they are much easier to use than regular watercolors. I draw with the pencil first and then paint over with water, is that what you do also?
All of the computer generated pieces were done in MS Paint. I do use a reference but that's it.
Thanks again for enjoying my artwork!


2010-09-04 01:05:27

You've some fantastic work here. I really appreciate portrait works when they're done right like this. I've always had a bear of a time with them. Again, great stuff!

kyowell responds:

:) thank you very much! portraits are my absolute favorite.


2010-09-13 07:07:32

Fucking love your art girl! Its so realistic and yet weird enough to keep my interest!
Keep on experimenting with your weirdness till you find your niche and make us some fantastic pieces!

kyowell responds:

LMAO!!! glad my weirdness keeps you interested. :] sometimes i feel i'm going a little too weird, but that's what i like, so that's what i do. :D


2015-02-02 02:02:16

You know, if you made a new newspost every so often, people might talk to you ;)

kyowell responds:

LOL i have a few other social media sites too and i'm horrible about keeping them up to date. LOL


2015-05-22 21:58:08

I tried all of those sites, but NG was social before they called it social media, and seems to be more genuine... odd isn't it? I've had more meaningful conversations here, than with people I know IRL who use those other sites. This is a long shot, but, do you know any of the other artists here on NG?

Anyway, the least I can do is say thanks for bringing your work here! Wow, just checked your portfolio site (through the link on your FB page), your pencil drawings are quite extreme O_O I'm really shocked no one's Front Paged any of your work :(

kyowell responds:

awh thank you for looking! :D and thank you so much for your sweet compliments! :D